About TDR Valuations Ltd
TDR Valuations Managing Director Tim Redston has over 40 years experience in the diamond business.
Tim spent 23 years with De Beers and during that time he ran offices buying rough diamonds in West and Central Africa as well as in Antwerp. He also negotiated the purchases of the Australian, Botswanan and Namibian productions on their behalf.

On leaving De Beers in 2000 Tim supplied valuation services to the consultants working for BHP on their contract with De Beers valuing their goods on an 'open market' basis in Yellowknife and against the agreed samples in London.

In 2006 he worked with the same consultants, who had been appointed as valuers and advisors to Tahera Diamond Corporation, valuing goods both at the mine in Nunavut and in Antwerp.

Between 2000 and 2009 he acted as a valuer with the group supplying valuation services to the Namibian, Angolan and Sierra Leone governments.
His most recent work includes in 2012 providing valuations and analysis of Lipari Mineracao's Brauna Diamond Project Bulk Samples in Brazil and in 2013 providing the same service to Beacon Rock Corporate Services concerning the Murowa mine's Zimbabwe production and Bulk Samples in Antwerp.

In 2014 and 2015 Tim was the managing Buyer/Valuer in Luanda for ATC Enterprises DMCC in their Angolan joint venture with Canonici Investimentos SA.

In 2016 Tim acted as valuer for Transatlantic Gem Sales in their Dubai tender operation. 
Tim has over the years built up a varied network of contacts in the diamond business and is able to provide a wide range of services to suit his clients' needs.