Rough Diamond Valuation

Over many years we have built up experience valuing a wide variety of 'run of mine' productions as well as the pricing, evaluation and analysis of mine Bulk Samples.

We have access to highly experienced valuers and statisticians, so not only can we provide accurate, market based valuations but are also able to supply full mining analyses along with mine plans and production predictions.

Our work takes us to Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Dubai as well as West, Central and Southern Africa.
We pride ourselves in being able to supply a comprehensive and truly 'Independent', run-of-mine, current market price based valuation and statistical service to our clients.
Using the wide range of contacts we have established in the business we can advise any prospective investors wishing to establish a 'Diamond Fund' on the most prudent make-up of any such Fund. Our advice would cover all areas and aspects of content, procurement and pricing.