Polished Diamonds


Over our considerable time in the business we have built up numerous contacts in the polished diamond sector. We have close links and access to several polishing factories and major dealers.

These connections mean we can source diamonds across the full size, cut, colour and clarity ranges for our clients at very competitive prices. We also have access to diamonds across the very rare and beautiful 'fancy' colour ranges.
We make every effort to ensure that the diamonds we sell are ethically sourced and come from countries signed up to the Kimberley Process and not involved in funding conflict in compliance with United Nations Resolutions.

Bespoke jewellery

Once we have sourced the polished stones we have at our disposal highly experienced and imaginative jewellery designers and setters. Our designers will present a range of their own classic or innovative designs but will also be equally happy to work with a client's design for that truly exclusive and personal touch.
Another service we can provide for our clients is the breathing of new life into any old, unworn or unloved jewellery by breaking up the old piece and using the original components to create something new and fresh.
We have had some jewellery made up using polished stones manufactured from brown rough diamonds. The resulting polished though usually called  Champagne to Cognac in colour could equally be called Caramel, Bronze, Sherry, Scotch, Honey, Walnut or Burnt Orange such is there variety and individuality.
The colours constantly change depending on the light conditions creating jewellery that is uniquely different and exclusive.
To access the pictures click on the link below and for more information, including prices, please contact us. 
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